It’s amazing how many thoughts we have rushing through our minds. All day everyday our minds chatter on and on. Be thoughtful of your thinking.

Be more conscious of what you are thinking. Be thoughtful of the conversation that you are having with yourself. Would you speak to your loved ones as you speak to yourself?

Are you worrying about possible outcomes? Are you living in the past? Are you reliving difficult times? Are you focusing on problems?

Look at your life, focus on what is going well.

If you have 5 things going on in your life and 4 of them have issues and negativity but 1 is going well, then focus on that 1 good thing.

Catch yourself, retrain your thinking. Thoughts have feelings and these have power. They have the power to influence not just how you feel but further thoughts and as a consequence they influence your life.

Be thoughtful of your thinking.

Put post it notes around in key areas of your home. Remind yourself that it’s a good thing to be thoughtful of your thinking.

It’s about mindset. It’s about your thoughts. It’s about your thinking, It’s about your feelings. It’s about changing your thoughts that will make a whole world of difference in your life.

It may take practise. It may take patience. Why not give it a go and see how you feel. It’s about making small changes and letting them become a habit.

Thoughts stack up, ideas stack up solutions stack up, be thoughtful of your thinking and focus on what you really need to. Focus on what will help, focus on the good.

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