Sometimes in our busy lives we get tied up in the many roles we play. From worker, colleague, family member, shopper, cleaner, you name it, there’s plenty we do! Take time for you, look after yourself.

When is the last time you sat and relaxed?

How about a meditation?

There are so many meditations available on YouTube, today I searched for a short energy meditation as I was feeling particularly tired. It helped me to relax me and help with some stress and anxiety that I was feeling. It left me feeling more upbeat, energised and motivated.

If you plant a seed, it needs time to grow, it needs the nourishment of the soil, the rain and the sunshine to grow. You too can grow, take time to nourish yourself, take time to rest. Get out in the sunshine. Get out in nature. Recharge your batteries.

Don’t feel guilty about looking after yourself.

Take time for you.

Because when you do take time for you, then everything else feels better, you can function better and see what unfolds around you and in your life.

Stay positively inspired, you are worth it.

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