A great tip to stop yourself heading down the spiral of negativity is by saying to yourself NO NEXT.  You can use this phrase to stop a thought in it’s tracks or when something doesn’t go to plan.

Adopting this strategy can soon become second nature and get you out of a sticky thought situation.

No next…..

It’s so simple and, it can seem too obvious by suggesting this.

Do you imagine yourself dreaming of winning the lottery then when you check your numbers they are not a match.  That’s fine, just say no next and know that it’s okay.

Missed the parking space?  Think about your thoughts and what you say to yourself, this is where you need to be saying to yourself no next, and then that should stop the ramblings of bad traffic thoughts in their track.

Struggling with your healthy eating plan?  Did you just eat chocolate or perhaps a little too much ice cream  …. no next would be a better idea than punishing yourself with negative thoughts.

If you’ve encountered a far from the perfect situation in work, or at home instead of dwelling on it, say to yourself ‘no, next’ and see how that stops you in your tracks.

Once you have said ‘no, next’ then think of a general good feeling thought, nothing specific that could lead you down the negative path but something as beautiful as the sun, the moon, the stars, the fresh air, the trees, a good feeling thought is a great thing to add on to the ‘no, next’ statement.

One of the best things you can do is just smooth the ride of your emotions, your feelings and your thoughts, this blog post could help you too.

Give it a try and see if it makes a difference to you!!

Such a simple statement can really change your mindset and change the way you feel. It really is about being conscious of your thoughts and moving forwards.

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